ODG provides a unique set of solutions which most consulting firms do not. Not only can we source rockstars locally and nationally for your onsite needs, we provide offshoring capabilities in Latin America and South East Asia. No, we did not create these offerings just to write off a bunch of trips to fabulous places. We created these offerings after listening to story after story of clients who were disappointed with their offshoring results due to cultural and communication issues and time zone complications. It just so happens that our Latin America location resides peculiarly close to some vineyards. We digress. Please enjoy reviewing our solutions at each location and we welcome the opportunity to discuss further.

Cerveza or Sake? Latin-America Offshore Solutions


Some of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients who have tried outsourcing in the past are: lack of control over development, poor communication skills, time and cultural differences. Offshoring is still a solid option but what is more important is choosing a partner and location that supports your needs, environment and methodology. Read More!

South East Asia

Backed by a wealth of experience in pioneering offshore outsourcing, we ensure the quality of our work through application of best practices. These include cutting-edge processes, tools, methodology, organization and management that enable us to gauge and provide quality and excellence in our service delivery. Read more!