Latin America-Near-shore Agile Offshoring

Some of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients who have tried outsourcing in the past is lack of control over development, poor communication skills, time and cultural differences. Offshoring is still a solid option but what is more important is choosing a partner and location that supports your needs, environment and methodology.

The rain stops, the clouds part and the sun shines down on IT management.

Welcome to ODG's near-shore agile offshore model (insert sounds of angels singing here). With a strong focus on Agile methodology, minimal to zero time difference which allows for high touch offshoring development control, cultural similarities to that of the US and excellent communication skills, ODG's offshore model is a true option with outstanding results. Our favorite part is the ability to have daily stand-up meetings with offshore and your internal team which supports a team environment, high communication and eliminates long delays in changes. 

Our offshore location has been able to sustain a compounded growth rate of over 80% per year for the last 5 years. This rise is based on providing world-class high quality near-shore outsourcing services at extremely affordable rates, which combined with our smaller time difference with the USA and Western Europe allows our clients to fully leverage the benefits of using offshore outsourcing services.

Some of our near-shore outsourcing and offshore outsourcing services are:

  • Offshore Software Development Outsourcing (Java, .Net, etc.)
  • Offshore Mobile Applications Outsourcing: iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, JME
  • Offshore Software Testing and Quality Assurance Outsourcing
  • Offshore Outsourced Graphic Design
  • Outsourced Language Localization
  • Remote IT Solutions and System Support Outsourcing

ISO-9001:2000 certified, as well as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.